Auto Cleaning Super Permanent Magnetic Precise Iron Separator-Series HGYG

Series HGYG auto cleaning super permanent magnetic precise iron separator is a product involving high technology. With a unique mechanical structure, and high-gradient, high-intensity magnetic fields, this product is especially appropriate to remove iron from the materials in industries such as coal, refractories, ceramics, chemicals, cement, building materials, food and so on. It is conducive to the product purification and protection of equipment's normal operation. In particular, it can clear some of the spherical iron, small iron pieces, such as detonators, small nuts, small screws, small balls and so on, which is difficult for the average magnetic iron separator. This product is the best selection in occasions with high requirement of iron separation.
Working principle:
When the materials pass the precise magnetic iron separator through the feeding pipe, the materials will be diverted by the shunt board in front, and then enter the reconstruction area, turning the iron material inside to the direction of the vertical plate, reducing the resistance on the iron from the materials. The materials carry iron to the high-field absorption zone where the iron is adsorbe