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Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator-Series HGYP

Series HGYP permanent magnetic iron separator is suitable for continuous- duty occasions with much iron. This product has a strong magnetic field intensity, no energy consumption and a long service time. It is easy to install and use without maintenance. When the iron absorbed by the magnet accumulated to a certain extent, one person can shake the handle to drive scraper to remove the iron. This product is widely used together with various kinds of belt conveyors for the iron separation from non magnetic materials in cement, chemicals, plastics, coal, refractory , building materials, food and other industries.

1. Strong magnetic field intensity.
2. The sealed structure makes the separator water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion resisting.
3. No energy consumption.
4. Easy to install and convenient to use.
5. High efficiency and stable performance.
6. High production capacity and a long service time.