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Wet Doudle Drum Permanent Magnetic Separator-Series HG 2xCTN

This machine is designed for heavy-medium coal preparation plant for the recovery of magnetic materials. It is a wet permanent magnetic doudle drum separator with a upstream tank. Its magnetic field distribution is propitious to the maximum recovery of micro powder, and its ingenious design create a reasonable flow direction for the ore pulp. All these greatly increased the recovery rate of magnetic minerals. The machine has a good adaptability to the changes of the material flow, density and other parameters. It is widely used in heavy-medium coal preparation plant.

Working principle:
Under the magnetic force created by the magnetic system, the magnetites in the ore pulp are attracted to the surface of the drums, and rotate with the drums, then discharged under the force of the gravity and scraping plate after getting out of the magnetic field, while the non-magnetic materials are discharged from the tailing discharge opening to complete the sorting operation.