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Wind Cooling Electromagnetic Iron Separator-Series HGDA

Series HGDA wind cooling electromagnetic iron separator is a wind-cooling electromagnetic iron separator. The internal excitation coils use air-conditioning fans or axial flow fan to cool the separator. When the iron separator is in a good working environment, air-conditioning fans sparse the heat; When the magnetic separator is in a harsh working environment (for example, plenty of dust, coal dust, smoke), axial flow fans sparse the heat. This product has a reasonable structure, low failure rate and a wide use range. It is usually used for conveyor belt to remove iron from any material before the crushing or milling process, and so as to protect the crushing and milling machines.
Power distribution: KGLA-50A/500V

1. Strong magnetic intensity and special design for magnetic circuit.
2. The sealed structure makes the separator water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion resisting.
3. Low energy consumption.
4. Easy to install and convenient to use.
5. High efficiency and stable performance.